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All About My Boxer

My Big Girl

My Little Angel is named Velvet. I got her as a pup from a pedigree trainer!! She was the last one to leave her mother, but the cutest of the litter:) She was a small little fawn. I had never seen somthin so remarkable!! Now I go what you might say, "Cute Crazy" over her now:) She is like the rest of my heart, the big finale', My Little Sissy:) Kiss Kiss Kiss, Lick Lick Lick!! I love You:)

More Info. on a Boxer
This is helpful hints of things that may help you control your boxer. When you run out of treats and don't know what to do, grab some bread or dried up bread, they love, love, love that!!! Also if it is time for them to come inside but you know they want more time to play, just call their name and when they take a glance at you stomp your foot really hard!! But this comes with practice:) But soon you will get the hang of it:)

My Opinion on a Boxer
After my experience with a boxer, i will just have to say "Thank You God for creating this one of a kind breed, and may they inspire more and more people to relize that they really have a special piece of gold held tight in the palm of their hand:) You don't need an actor, some paint and a brush, not even a comedian, NO not one of those things do you need just call on this, My special friend the Boxer, so then there my heart shall stay!!!

Velvet and me love to play soccer!! She beats me most of the time, but i still love her:) She is what you might call a pro pedigree:)lol!!! Her moves are smooth:)


Why is Velvet's Dad called Dollar?

She even won a 1st place medal!! But that was due to hard work and determination:) I'm really proud of my little muffin:)