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Tyrone Power Prince of Acting
Special Info. on Tyrone!

I have here a few info about Tyrone, that I think you will find very fascinating, then a Biography about Tyrone and his life! Enjoy!
Tyrone is 6 feet tall; weighs 155 pounds. He is a handsome youth with dark brown hair and luminous brown eyes. He is a thorough-bred in all the name implies. He is a distinctive addition to the screen's roster of eminently worthwhile players!
He believes in hunches. Follows them. He followed a hunch the day he went to ask for the pass to Katharine Cornell's show.
His favorite flower is the white carnation. His mother says when he was even a tiny baby a white carnation was ever a source of delight to him. His favorite superstition is whistling in the dressing room. His greatest fear is that of being shut in... as in a cave or a mine...claustophobia.
Among the classice authors he prefers Hugo, and Shakespeare is his favorite classical playwright. Of the moderns, he prefers Maxwell Anderson. His favorite historical character is Cyrano de Bergerac.
His favorite classical orchestration is "Tales in the Vienna Woods;" favorite classical painter, Van Gogh; favorite illustrator, Petty; favorite modern painter, Grant Wood; favorite modern author, Thorne Smith; favorite play, "Ethan Frome."
Reads incesssantly....anything that is intersting and constructive and to keep in touch with contemporary magazines likes to read the Readers' Digest.
His favorite color is blue... any shad of blue. His favorite fruit is the avacado.... very fond of them.
He is especially fond of outdoor sports and is a football fan. Always wanted to play football when in school and would go out every season fora tryout but did not make the team"because he was too skinny"....just a bean-pole as a boy, (but this was just his gorgeous slenderness!)
His hobby is amateur photography with a 16mm. camera. He swims, plays tennis and rides horseback when not engages at the studio.
He says if he should leave Hollywood he would return to New York and the stage.. and.. perhaps do some writing, a talent in which he excels in a measure almost paralleled with his acting ability!
Info Above came from: Harry Brand Publicity Director from, 20th Century-Fox Hollywood

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