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Tyrone Power Prince of Acting
Quotes To Tyrone


Those who have had the pleasure of meeting Tyrone Power, talk of his charm and his poise. He has the ease of manner, the culture and graciousness for which producers and directors are forever searching. He receives one with the cordiality and sincere interest that gives impetus to conversation!
"Tyrone was the most considerate baby."
Patia Power (Tyrone's Mother)
"When you kissed Tyrone, it was like you died and went to Heaven!"
Alice Faye (Actress, who played several times with Tyrone)
"Major Power deserved the attention he received; he had served his country well during World War II. As an actor he had been better than many of Hollywoods handsome heroes. As a private citizen, he had certainly been no worse."
Time Magazine
"Ireland is really a watercolour country. I shall carry away with me perhaps half a dozen portraits--most of them wiil be good likenesses, but as portrayals of that indefinable Erin spirit they will be dismal failures...there is a twinkle that dances in an Erin eye--an
intelligent candour
--and something paint that is to paint God.
Orson Welles
Tyrone could even speak Irish, (since he was born pure Irish) you can hear some of his beautiful words, in the movie he played in, "The Long Gray Line."
If you think Tyrone was just beyond handsome on t.v., when meeting him in person, he was ten times even more handsome!

I shall always remember Tyrone Power as a bountiful man. A man who gave freely of himself. It mattered not to whom he gave. His concern was in the giving. I shall always remember his wonderful smile. A smile that would light up the darkest hour of the day like a sunburst. I shall always remember Tyrone Power as a man who gave more of himself than it was wise for him to give. Until in the end he gave his life.


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